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Protect the world’s refugees with a gift in your Will

A gift to Australia for UNHCR in your Will can provide life-saving aid to refugees and displaced people who have been forced to flee their homes due to conflict, persecution or natural disaster.

Today, more people than ever depend on UNHCR for their safety and survival. By remembering Australia for UNHCR in your Will, you are helping to ensure that refugees receive vital support in their time of need.  Beyond your lifetime, you can provide refugee families with essential relief like food, water, shelter and healthcare, and give them hope for the future.

If you would like to leave a gift in your Will, please do not hesitate to call our Development Coordinator, David Dubin on 1300 361 288.

Hear from other like-minded supporters...

"Leaving a gift was always something I was going to do. And whenit came time to decide, Australia for UNHCR was the cause that resonatedwith me. UNHCR really does make it happen – quick off the mark to helppeople in times of disaster and “in it for the long term” providing aidfor people in refugee camps. Living in Australia, we are very luckywith our lot in life. I see this as my chance to help others who don’thave the same advantages."

Pamela Gilbert

"We all suffer in some respect, whether it be aloneness or the ageingprocess, or the death of loved ones, or a lack of resources to achieveour aims. But compared to our refugee brothers and sisters, we areon Cloud Nine. I need – I think we all need – to open not only our earsbut also our hearts; not only our purses but also our constant awareness,our prayers and above all, our desire to become part of the solution.That is why I am leaving a gift to Australia for UNHCR in my Will."

Reverend Jane Chapman

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