ERT when disaster strikes

When disaster strikes, UNHCR is there, on the ground, saving lives within 72 hours. Help us be there every time.

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Alternative Gifts

Are you stuck for what to give Dad this Father’s Day?

Give a life-changing gift that supports refugee families, then he can proudly wear the badge of World’s Best Dad!

Choose a gift from Australia for UNHCR and help refugee families in crisis. Whether an emergency kit, clean water or a family tent, your gift can ensure refugee families are healthy, safe and sheltered during a crisis and into the future.

Instead of giving your dad the usual gifts for Father’s Day, help refugee families around the world.

From as little as $12, a UNHCR package can provide a life-changing difference to our world’s most vulnerable.

  1. Go to our Karma Currency page or view our featured gifts below.
  2. Choose a Father’s Day gift.
  3. Insert your Dad’s details, as the e-card recipient.
  4. Choose the delivery method (email or print) and date you want the e-card to be delivered (Father’s Day is 4 September).
  5. Type in your Father’s Day message for the e-card.
  6. Register your details, confirm your gift and pay.

Buy your Father’s Day life-saving gift now!

Family tent Emergency survival kit

Seeds and tools School stationery

Sport equipment Jerry Cans