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Iraq Emergency Appeal Republic of Iraq, Middle East

  • Please help UNHCR provide shelter, protection and emergency items for families fleeing conflict in Mosul, Iraq. Donate now.

As many as 750,000 people will be forced to flee Mosul, around half of the estimated population of the city

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Help UNHCR provide emergency shelter and protection for those fleeing Mosul

Australia for UNHCR is launching an emergency appeal to help the UN Refugee Agency provide shelter and protection to civilians fleeing the battle for Mosul, Iraq’s second largest city.

UNHCR expects that as many as 750,000 people could be forced to flee during the battle for Mosul (around half of the estimated population of the city), creating a large scale, humanitarian crisis.

Millions of Iraqis have already been forced to abandon their homes after decades of conflict and violence. 3.4 million people have been forced from their homes and are spread out across the country. UNHCR is immediately stepping up its aid efforts in Iraq in response to the wave of new displacement.

The UN Refugee Agency is at the forefront of the humanitarian response to this crisis.

To prepare for this humanitarian emergency, UNHCR is urgently seeking funds to help it establish additional camps to provide those fleeing with protection, shelter and core relief items.

Distressed and homeless, fleeing families will be exposed to winter temperatures falling to -12 degrees Celsius at night. With few possessions and no provision for the harsh winter ahead, these families need our help.

At present, UNHCR is facing critical funding shortages to meet this crisis.

UNHCR urgently needs to supply:

  • 11,600 tents
  • 8,000 camp plots
  • 85,235 heating stoves
  • 24,194 tent insulation kits
  • 85,200 core relief item kits (including essentials such as sleeping mats, blankets, and hygiene kits)

These people are relying on us for assistance and protection. UNHCR is working around the clock to keep them safe, providing them with shelter, sleeping mats, blankets, food and medical care.

Urgent response is needed to meet the needs of the growing number of displaced people fleeing Mosul.

Please make a donation today and help UNHCR provide shelter, assistance and protection for Iraq refugees.

Note: Should the funds raised exceed the amount required to meet the immediate and longer term needs of the people in the affected areas, Australia for UNHCR will direct donations to our Emergency Programs for Refugees to enable us to rapidly address future emergencies as they occur.

How we help

UNHCR is on the ground providing urgently needed relief to Iraqis, including shelter, emergency relief items and protection. Conditions remain desperate for those without access to suitable shelter, people struggling to find food and water to feed their families, and those without access to primary medical care.

Your support will help Iraqi families receive essential aid.

To help Iraqi refugees, please make an urgent donation today online or by calling 1300 722 943.


Iraq: Driven by hunger, Iraqis risk all to flee Mosul violence - 19 December 2016

Lacking food and medical care, families from the town of Hawija are braving minefields on foot to reach safety in UNHCR camp.


Iraq: Into Mosul’s Third Month, UNHCR Bolsters Response to Help Newly Displaced - 19 December 2016

As the Mosul conflict enters its third month, and the number of people displaced climbs towards 100,000, UNHCR is bolstering its capacity to host and support civilians fleeing the fighting as cold weather sets in.


Iraq: UNHCR opens new camps for Mosul displaced as winter bites - 28 November 2016

In Iraq new camps open their doors as others fill up, with efforts ongoing to protect displaced families from freezing temperatures.


Iraq: More families flee Mosul as conflict escalates - 24 November 2016

With the generous support of Australian donors, UNHCR has so far provided 78,800 tents to keep Iraqi families warm and safe as winter approaches and temperatures drop below freezing.


Iraq: More support needed as Mosul displacement grows - 18 November 2016

Of the 60,000 people who have fled Iraq’s second city since the start of the campaign on October 17, around 40,000 have done so since the start of November.


Iraq: Families fleeing Mosul offensive celebrate new-found freedoms - 14 November 2016

Men and women who escaped militant control in Iraq’s second city, Mosul share their relief on reaching safety.


Iraq: As Mosul Displacement Continues, UNHCR Steps Up Assistance - 14 November 2016

As fighting intensifies in the more densely-populated urban areas of Mosul, UNHCR is preparing for possible large-scale movements and is ready to provide further shelter and protection assistance to displaced Iraqis, inside and outside camps.


Iraq: Mosul residents tell of harsh rule and perilous flight - 8 November 2016

Displaced families describe years of privation under militant rule in Iraq’s second city before finding sanctuary.


Iraq: UNHCR opens new camp amid spike in Mosul displacement - 7 November 2016

Hasansham camp opens following largest displacement since start of Mosul offensive, as 8,000 men, women and children flee frontlines in past 24 hours.


Iraq: Mosul civilians tell of fear and destruction - 19 October 2016

Speaking with families who fled Mosul assault, UN refugee chief Filippo Grandi stresses the need to protect civilians and prevent further displacement.


Iraq: UN refugee chief says protecting Mosul civilians is key - 18 October 2016

Speaking in Baghdad, UN High Commissioner for Refugees Filippo Grandi stresses civilian protection must be part of the military strategy for retaking Iraq’s second city.


Iraq: Families struggle in heat and dust of Iraqi desert camp - 3 August 2016

Thousands displaced from Falluja seek ways to stay calm and cool amid harsh conditions.


Iraq: The pain of a family separated in flight from Ramadi - 15 May 2015

After months of uncertainty, Imad, Nithal and three of their children fled the central Iraqi city of Ramadi in mid-April when clashes between government forces and militants spilled into their neighborhood. A decision they had to make so quickly, they weren't able to bring their eldest daughter with them.


Iraq: Shelter in a Storm - 22 April 2015

The murderous advance of Islamic State forces in Iraq displaced nearly 2 million people in a matter of months. As cities fell in quick succession—Mosul, Kirkuk, Sinjar—thousands of terrified families sought safety in the Kurdish Government Region in northern Iraq.


Iraq: UNHCR concerned about the challenges facing thousands of Iraqis fleeing Ramadi - 22 April 2015

The UN refugee agency on Tuesday reported that Iraqi civilians fleeing violence in Ramadi face numerous challenges, including dwindling resources, checkpoints, entry restrictions and security procedures to navigate on their journeys to safety.


Iraq: Q&A - positive outlook for the country but improvement will take months to show - 18 March 2015

Following last year's turmoil in northern and central Iraq, the political and security progress in Iraq remains positive, but UNHCR Representative in Iraq Neill Wright believes it will take many more months before this is reflected in an improvement in the daily lives of most Iraqi citizens.


Iraq: UNHCR Special Envoy Angelina Jolie calls for international leadership to end suffering - 27 January 2015

The UN refugee agency's Special Envoy Angelina Jolie is in Dohuk, Iraq, visiting Syrian refugees and displaced Iraqi citizens in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq to offer support to 3.3 million displaced people in the country and highlight their dire needs.


Iraq: Measuring out a new camp for refugees - 16 January 2015

UNHCR's technical advisor, Chris Nixon takes measured, large strides across the swathe of desert that has been flattened and pushed into something resembling a sandy football pitch. "We should be able to accommodate at least 500 tent plots on this site." Each tent will become home to six people, the average size of a family in the region.


From the field: Four things I learnt about the Middle East - 20 January 2015

Regular readers of Australia for UNHCR’s E-Newsletter may recall our field mission to Jordan with the ABC in October – November 2014 to speak with Syrian refugees and to see how Australian donations are helping those in need. Here Greg reflects on the experience and to share what he learnt with Syrian refugees in Zaatari camp.


Jordan: Winter storms bring more hardship to refugees in Za'atari camp - 12 January 2015

Extreme weather has wreaked havoc for Syrian refugees living in Jordan's Za'atari camp over the past few days, flooding homes, collapsing tents and forcing hundreds to wait out the storms in emergency shelters or with neighbours and relatives.


Winter crisis: Refugees caught in heavy snow as storms lash Lebanon and Jordan - 8 January 2015

Thousands of refugees across Lebanon and Jordan have been struggling to keep warm and protect their shelters this week as severe winter storms bring plummeting temperatures, heavy snow, strong winds and lashing rain to the region.


Iraq: Displaced seek safety and aid in camps as winter falls - 31 December 2014

More than 3,000 internally displaced Iraqis are living in Arbat camp three months after it opened to shelter to some of the 2 million people uprooted by conflict in northern and central Iraq in 2014.