Life-saving help for refugee women and children


It is described as “the world’s worst place to be a woman”, but with your help, we can help women in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) feel safe, supported and able to focus on the future.

The DRC has suffered years of internal conflict, with violence forcing more than 3 million people to flee their homes. Women and girls are particularly vulnerable in this crisis - rape and sexual violence is used as a weapon of war, with 350 rapes reported every week on average.

Despite these challenges, the women of Congo are nurturing, protecting and inspiring those around them. Read their stories here.

You can also provide victims of sexual and gender based violence with vital protection and support.

UNHCR leads sexual violence prevention programs in the DRC, as well as providing ongoing protection, medical and psychological support for rape survivors.

We are:

  • Increasing women's access to vital medical and psychological services
  • Making camps and settlements safter places for women to live, for example by providing alternative fuel for cooking so women do not have to collect firewood in the forest and risk attacks
  • Providing education and vocal training to help women find work, support their children and contribute to the community
  • Providing legal services to bring perpetrators to justice

With the support given by UNHCR, Congolese women are able to rebuild their lives, find work to support their families and look forward to the future, free from the fear of violence.

Please donate now.

  • Children

    $129 can provide 20 HIV kits, ensuring rape survivors are tested for infection and receive frontline treatments

  • Children

    $253 can provide four post-rape health care packages including emergency contraception pills and treatments to prevent disease transmission

  • Children

    $524 can help provide women with vocational skills training such as sewing enabling them to become self-reliant and support their children

Note: Should the funds raised exceed the amount required to meet the immediate and longer term needs of the people in the affected areas, Australia for UNHCR will direct donations to our Emergency Programs for Refugees to enable us to rapidly address future emergencies as they occur.

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